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STRENE HIPS (Hi Impact Polystyrene Sheets) :

These contain a small amount of rubber which improves the materials impact and high temperature resistance. Products manufactured from this material can have excellent surface finish ideally suited to printing.
Hip Sheets are available in thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 6 mm in various colors like natural, ice blue and light beige.

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Uses & Applications :

. Used in thermoformed parts for refrigerator lining, sanitary ware, disposable containers etc.
. Television Cabinets, Appliances, Toys, Compact Disc "Jewel Cases" & Audio Cassettes Cases.
. Indoor and outdoor Advertising such as display racks, Display Boards, Sign ages, Glow signs.
. Food Packaging: Carry away burger Boxes Biscuit & Cake trays etc.
. General Packaging: Printer Cartage box, Tools Packaging etc.
. Insulation Purposes.
. Thermal Properties
               Polystyrene can be used down to temperatures just below this range (70C) PS can also be used at low temperatures down to 70C.

Electrical Properties

Good electrical resistance values that are virtually independent of the moisture content. PS shows a marked tendency to form electrostatic charges - the old style PS rulers can be used to demonstrate static electricity with small pieces of paper, the classic demonstration.

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Optical Properties

The transparent types of standard polystyrene have a light transmission of about 90 in the visible range. Absorption increases considerably in the UV range. The refractive index is 1.59.

Resistance to weathering

PS is not recommended for long-term use in the open air as it is degraded by UV rays. This is reflected in yellowing and loss of surface gloss and by a decrease in mechanical strength. Darker formulations perform better than pale or transparent types.

Surface treatment

Printing, lacquering and hot stamping are all possible. PS can be given a mirror finish with a metallic gloss by high-vacuum metallizing with a clear lacquer applied for protection.

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Ultrasonic welding is normally used. High strengths can be achieved with impulse welding. HF welding is not suitable.


Only parts of the same type can be bonded together. Solvent adhensives such as toluene or methylene chloride are normally used. Impact adhensives are used for bonding with different materials.

Health & Safety

PS is physiologically safe.

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