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HIM STRIP ™ PVC strips are extruded in a variety of types and grades. The best material and the latest technology has been combined to produce strips of highest quality giving excellent clarity with no sharp edges and a high surface finish. A range of thickness can be produced within the standard strips width of 200mm, 300mm and 400mm to suit any industrial requirements.

Weld Strip ExportersCommercial Application:
It is available not only in clear crystal grade but also in many translucent and opaque colors. These welding screens can be used in work areas to protect against ultra violet and infrared light.

HIM STRIP ™ Welding Screens is available in following colors having different applications.
. Clear Transparent - For normal use such as thermal dividers, partitions.
. Clear Transparent Polar - For cold rooms.
. Green/ Bronze Screen - Translucent for ultra violet and infrared light reduction for welding screens .
. Red/ Orange - Translucent and opaque for warning and corner strips.
. Black Opaque - Conveyors etc.


Freezer GradePolar PVC strip curtain remain highly soft even at 50 Celsius below zero, allowing easy passing of people, vehicles and goods and effectively preventing loss of cold air. Polar PVC sheet is a good choice for save power because they do not contain electric drive. Polar door curtain do not have action component and do not produce noise during service. Cool strip has been designed from market experience and has been proved in independent tests to up to 50% of energy costs, while helping retail chill cabinets meet statutory temperature controls.

Polar door curtain are available in a range of colors, such like pale green, pale blue and clear. Blue is the most popular color in usages. If you used in the dark environment, just like cold rooms, clear color is the best choice for you.

Polar grade PVC strip curtains are an option for Cold storage, Refrigerated doorways, Deli-Counters, Chiller Cabinets. Cold rooms and most retail refrigeration situations. Usually 50% overlap, fixed stainless steel rail & hook on strips - either 200 x 2mm or 300 x 3mm.


Welding ScreensHIMSTRIP tinted transparent PVC strip curtains are designed to save energy, protect workers, and reduce noise in are house and factory applications. Specifically designed for doors that enclose areas where welding IS being performed. Its inted color helps reduce the incidental effects of bright, ultra violet light from welding arcs. Sparks bounce off the thick material, yet it is transparent enough to allow supervisors and others to view the welding area.

For welding booths and mobile welding screens, weld Strip comes in three colors: Dark Bronze, Dark Green & Ultra Voilet Red.

Welding PVC strip curtain designed to protect individuals from ultraviolet radiation, sparks, and spatter. Great for traffic areas here need to be accessed regularly but still require protection. Appropriate eye protection must still be worn. It Will help protects workers from Welding area, Flash burns and UV light.


Windows in commercial food preparation areas need to comply with the latest food and Hygiene Regulations by fitting a screen which prevents the entry of insects, birds and other infestations. Insect-Proof PVC strip curtain is an ideal solution for anywhere that insects aren't welcome. Insect proof PVC strip curtain made with a specially formulated repellent material that ards off insects. Sanitation authorities are highly concerned with the hygiene conditions of food and drug handling areas.
Anti Insect
Yellow is the only color available in proof insect. It emits special light which dispels insects.

Considering the special usage of insect-proof PVC strip, we suggested to use the smooth surface to meet the requirements of nice-look, easy-clear, for different application place, please contact us for more suggestion.

Ideal solutions for: .
. Back doors of restaurants;
. Personnel doors at commercial and manufacturing locations;
. Open air concessions at parks, sports arenas and other outdoor facilities; Any open area where flying insects are a pest .

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